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BadgerOutlaw's World of Anti-Gordon

Here it is, This is my view of Jeff Gordon. The pictures that I have below are what I have found while surfing the net. I am a big nascar fan and I just get so sick and tired seeing Gordo trying to force his way into position. Yes "Rubbing is Racing" But trying to purposely try to put someone out of the race to gain a win or just a position. I am sorry but I just can not get into that kind of racing.

Yes, Maybe Gordon might be a good driver. Yes, He might have a good crew. But come on' Let's get real. There is racing and their is cheap and dirty racing and that my friend is Gordo'...

And another issue is his whining and crying when he screws up and tries to blame it on someone else.


Now this is what we want see!!! "Keep up the great work Gordo'" ROFLMAO

You are the Person that feels Gordo' stinks....




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These views and opionions are not affilated with nascar,But are my personal views and opionions.

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