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BadgerOutlaw's World of Dirt

Well what can I say; This is where it all starts... DIRT!!! Many race drivers get their career started at a local dirt track, Racing either 4-cylinders, Limited Stock, Hobby Stocks, Pro-Stocks, Modifieds or the Late-Models on a local area track on a Weekend Night. It is truely a great way to spend time with either Friends or Family. Watching your favorite local driver race as has hard as HE or SHE can. Trying to make a name for themselves and do what they have always dreamed of doing. "RACE"...

Speaking from experience it is a great way to get started in racing. I myself have raced on DIRT and it is great. I sure cannot wait until the return to the dirt. If their is a local dirt track near you, I would advice you to go check it out!

Here in the Tri-States{Wisconsin,Illinios,and Iowa} we have some great tracks. My local track is GRANT COUNTY SPEEDWAYin Lancaster,Wi. which is a 3/8 mile clay oval. It is a very fast track and is on the IMCA circuit with racing on Saturday Night.

Hot Laps begin at 6:30 P.M.

Racing Begins at 7:00 P.M.

SEPT. 4th 1999 IRA Outlaw Sprints return to GRANT COUNTY SPEEDWAY.

Another area track is DUBUQUE COUNTY FAIRGOUNDSin Dubuque, Ia. which is a 3/8 mile clay track Which races on Sunday Nights.

Special Events

9-5-99 Busch All Stars

The monster track that everyone loves to go to is FARLEY SPEEDWAYin Farley,Ia. It is a 1/2 mile high-banked oval which races on Friday nights. FARLEY SPEEDWAY also has some Feature races such as Outlaw's and Busch All-Star Series.

Special Events

7-2-99 Busch All Stars 9/17-18/99 Yankee Busch All Star

Another area track is FREEPORT RACEWAY PARKin Freeport IL. which has a 1/2 mile low bank dirt oval with a 1/4 mile dirt oval in the middle. They hold the "Prairie State Nationals" for the USMS{United States Modified Series}. Also have a Busch All-Star Series race in it's menu. Racing at this track is also Saturday Night.

Special Events

7-1-99 Busch All Stars

Also another track that is in the area is PRINSTON SPEEDWAY in Prinston,IL. it is a 1/4 mile "D" shaped dirt oval. I have not been to this track but I here that it should be pretty nice.

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