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This is my new ride for the 1999 Winston Cup Season!

This is my new ride for the 1999 Craftsman Truck Season!

This is my new ride for the 1999 Busch Grand National Season!

This is what we like to see!!!

You must have Winzip to download these items if you do not have it get it here!


These are cars that I have painted and designed. You are welcome to Download into your Nascar2 or Nascar99 Sim. In order to Download into Nascar99 you have to rename the player.pcx to player.PCX.

Fictional Cars for N2 and N99

98' Harley Ford Taurus w/flamesAWESOME!

99' Freightliner Ford TaurusMy Busch car!
99' Harley-Davidon Ford TaurusMy Winston car!
99' AgriCo Ford TaurusCreated by RJH Racing
99' AgriCo ChevyCreated by RJH Racing
#95 Harley-Davidson ChevyCreated by RJH Racing
#95 Caterpillar ChevyCreated by RJH Racing
98' Harley Ford TaurusMy Favorite !
Harley Davidson Ford Taurus Test Car
John Deere Ford Taurus
Harley Daidison & MillerLite Ford Taurus
Miller Time Ford Taurus
#00 Army FordCreated by Matt Trewartha
#70 Citgo PontiacCreated by Matt Trewartha
#08 Lightning Exide PontiacCreated by Matt Trewartha
#45 McDonald's-STP ChevyCreated by Matt Trewartha
Hazel Green Rescue ChevyCreated by Matt Trewarta
Hazel Green Fire PontiacCreated by Matt Trewartha

Dirt Late-Models

Miller Ford Dirt Late Model
Mobil 1 Dirt Late Model
Amoco Dirt Late Model
Snap-On Late Model

98' Winston Cup Test Cars for N2

Steve Park #1 Test Car
Rusty Wallace #2 Test Car
Dale Earnhardt #3 Test Car
Bobby Hamilton #4 Test Car
Terry Labonte #5 Test Car
Mark Martin #6 Test Car
Geoff Bodine #7 Test Car
Hut Stricklin #8 Test Car
Lake Speed #9 Test Car
Ricky Rudd #10 Test Car
Brett Bodine #11 Test Car
Jeremy Mayfield #12 Test Car
Jerry Nadeu #13 Test Car
Ted Musgrave #16 Test Car
Bobby Labonte #18 Test Car
Michael Waltrip #21 Ttest Car
Ward Burton #22 Test Car
Jimmy Spencer #23 Test Car
Jeff Gordon #24 Test Car
Johnny Benson #26 Test Car
Kenny Irwin #28 Test Car
Derrike Cope #30 Test Car
Ken Schrader #33 Test Car
Darrell Waltrip #35 Test Car
Ernie Irvan #36 Test Car
Sterling Marlin #40 Test Car
Steve Grissom #41 Test Car
Joe Nemechek #42 Test Car
John Andretti #43 Test Car
Kyle Petty #44 Test Car
Ricky Craven #50 Test Car
Phil Barkdoll #73 Test Car
Rick Mast #75 Test Car
Robert Pressley #77 Test Car
Gary Bradberry #78 Test Car
Kenny Wallace #81 Test Car
Dale Jarrett #88 Test Car
Dick Trickle #90 Test Car
Kevin Lepage #91 Test Car
Bill Elliot #94 Test Car
David Green #96 Test Car
Chad Little #97 Test Car
Rich Bickle #98 Test Car
Jeff Burton #99 Test Car

Nascar99 Fictional Trucks
My Harley-Davidson Ford F-150
New Harley-Davidson Ford F-150
Harley-Davidson ChevyMy Brother's Truck

Nascar99 Test Trucks
Chevy Test Truck
Ford Test Truck
Dodge Test Truck

Calendar's for N2 and NR1999

98 Winston Cup Season
98 Busch Season
98 Craftsman Truck Season
99 Winston Cup Season
99 Busch Season
99 Craftsman Truck Season

You are laps ahead of the competition

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