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This is my Boy and I sitting in the truckstop taking a break!

This is one of my Last Truck's I Drove...!'99 Freightliner FLD120 Condo. Equiped with a 525 hp. Cummins, Chrome, A Big Radio, Color TV/VCR, Phone, Frig/Freezer, and Microwave. All The Luxury's of Home away from Home...

I am a professional driver. I Drive for Richgels Milk Service out of Highland, Wisc. Hauling refridgerated freight to west coast and back to mid-west. I am currently driving a 95' International Eagle powered by a 470 Detroit with a 10 speed.

I have been driving for 15 years. I have driven all makes and models and KENWORTH is one of my favorites. I have also traveled to all 48 states and Canada.

Truck Driving is a job that is very much needed. "WITHOUT TRUCKS AMERICA STOPS" Everything you see has been brought to you by a Truck at one time or another. ACCEPT: A BABY !

The one thing that I enjoy about being a Truck Driver is being your own Boss. Traveling across the country behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler you get the chance to see some things you normally woundn't see otherwise. This country has alot of Beautiful scenery and some very nice people.

But, Don't get me wrong Truck Driving is not all Fun And Games! It is very Demanding on you and your Family. Being away from home all the time is hard on everybody. Missing Kid's Birthday's, Your Anniversary, Not seeing you kid's Grow-Up. It takes a very special Partner to be able to take care of the Family while you are gone. My Wife Charlotte is very Supportive and Understanding She takes care of all the things that I cannot do while I am gone. It is very hard on her and the kids while her husband and daddy our gone away delivering a load on the otherside of the US. When you are back off the Road you try to take care of all the Business and then Spend as much time with your Family as you can.

Traffic is also an experience in itself. Their is more traffic on the roads every day! Driving through New York City at rush hour is not my idea as FUN! As a Driver, Making your Delivery is very Crucial! The slightest set back {Weather, Traffic, DOT, Shipping & Recieving} could mean a load missed or not getting Home. Truck Driving is a very Demanding Job!!!

RAIN,SNOW,SLEET,ICE or SUNNY. The product has got to get to it's destination. THANKS TO ALL THE TRUCK DRIVER'S.


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